Yekta Jebelli

Deeez Studios
Tehran, Iran
Yekta Jebelli is the co-founder and creative director of Deeez Studios. Her interest in illustration has converted her mental space into a world full of color and stories, a world where there’s something to love in every corner. During the hours she spends immersed in illustrating on her iPad, you can guess that she is making the impossible possible. For her, the packaging of any product is like a blank canvas on which she can bring her ideas to life. Yekta loves kilims, pottery, and anything Iranian and old. She shows a great deal of compassion towards animals. No matter if she’s traveling, at home, or in the studio, she’s always taking care of cats, birds, and other animals.
Yekta Jebelli
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Created on
July 27, 2021
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