What is this about?

Iranians Who Design is a growing curated directory of talented Iranian designers in tech designing digital products. The goal of the directory is to provide a space to get inspired and follow amazing people. And who knows maybe a kid in a remote corner of Iran visits the site and goes... "MOM! I wanna be a designer instead of an astronaut."

This guy (Ardavan Mir) started IwD but it belongs to all of you out there. Please let me know if you want to get involved.
If you think this is valuable, please get involved. Or if you have thoughts/ideas/suggestions /concerns please share them too. Love to hear your words.

Iranians Who Design - A curated list of inspiring Iranian designers in tech. | Product Hunt

How To Use

Some things that this directory can help you with: 

• Find talented Iranian designers who are doing an amazing job in their professional path, and get inspired by.
• If you're a hiring manager, find this list to find candidates.
• If you're organizing a conference, use this list to invite amazing speakers.

Opt Out

If you've been featured in the directory and you'd rather not be, please send a DM to @IraniansD on Twitter and you will be removed. Though, we'd love if you could stay!

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