Mona Rostamkhani

UI/UX Designer
P-gum, Chargoon
Tehran , Iran

It's always fascinating why users of a business behave in different ways. What actions should be taken to meet their needs? Why do users behave this way? What are they looking for and what are they doing to meet that need? And that led me into the sweet world of user experience so that I could understand all these reasons and try to create a better experience. Make the problems and hardships of users simple and solvable and make a better user experience.

I am currently working on an article on human-computer interactions. The purpose of this article is to investigate the impact of a gaming user experience that stems from the personality types of users and so on. And I am working on an hourly / full time basis on various projects such as P-gum, Chargoon ,.. I also give advice on some projects

Mona Rostamkhani
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Created on
November 29, 2020
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