Mehr Beniss

Product Designer
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mehr is a super energetic product designer who has immigrated to NL in 2019.

She studied applied mathematics, then learned Graphic Design at Inverse School, then applied for UX Design Internship program at Rahnema College and got accepted out of 1000 people among 27 others.

She learned C and C++ in university and a year ago she started learning HTML/CSS and JavaScript. She switched from Graphic Design to Product Design as she was seeking the logic and principles behind code and maths.

She's very detail-oriented and has great visual design skills. She enjoys making Design Systems.

Having served in 3 startups(first one was in Iran's 1st accelerator), she has a good sense of the product, users and business which makes her a good asset for her team.

Mehr loves talking to people and get to know different cultures and points of view. Drop her a note via her social channels. She will certainly get back to you! :)

Mehr Beniss
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Created on
November 23, 2020
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