Mehdi Mirzaie

Product Designer
Atisaz Bazar

As a product designer with extensive experience in designing big brand websites such as Bimebazar and Farabi Brokerage, I am proud of my accomplishments and the impact my work has had on the industry.

My approach to design is centred around creating user experiences that are engaging, intuitive, and functional. To achieve this goal, I draw upon my expertise in UI and UX design, as well as my deep knowledge of user behavior.

Working on high-profile websites like Bimebazar and Farabi Brokerage required a sophisticated understanding of design principles, user needs, and business objectives. I rose to the challenge and produced designs that were visually stunning and effective in achieving the client's goals.

Throughout the design process, I paid close attention to every aspect of the user journey. I carefully considered how users would interact with the site, what information they would need at each stage, and how the design could guide them towards their desired outcome. This holistic approach to design ensured that the websites provided a seamless, enjoyable experience for users.

Mehdi Mirzaie
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Created on
December 21, 2023
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