Sepideh Sabour

Product Designer
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sepideh's story: "I’m Sepideh, it’s a Persian name meaning dawn😄. I’m a digital product designer born and raised in Iran, based in Rotterdam. I have worked in the industry for over 5 years and gained experience working on a range of problem areas—including commerce (online and retail), finance, health, and productivity. During these years, I enjoyed collaborating with inventive designers, snarky but good-hearted developers, and trusting product managers. I do my best work in a friendly, progressive ambiance where I can feel at home and learn new things as well. Everyone has an emoji that represents their personality, this is probably my emoji 😂. You’ll always hear an energetic Hi in the mornings, and an energetic Bye in the afternoons! I’m a team player with a tendency for taking more and more responsibilities. In my spare time, you can catch me illustrating, reading storybooks, attempting to hack life by learning positive psychology, spending weekends in nature, climbing mountains with friends, swimming, or doing TRX."
Sepideh Sabour
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Created on
November 6, 2020