Saba Niaki

Visual Designer
Creative Circle
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Generalist, I now realize, is in my nature. I’m Saba — I’m a generalist not because I think I’m good at everything, but because I think I’m very good at nothing. ”To be a persistent generalist is actually to be deeply, relentlessly ambitious. It is the natural byproduct of curiosity, of engagement, of unwavering standards, of the insatiable desire for excellence. Commitment to generalist belies a keen and willing mind. Generalism is a pursuit of self. It’s how we strive. Driving us is the belief that we will eventually design ourselves into the thing we will be. And aren’t there great sensory and mental pleasures in a cross-genre practice? Doesn’t broad creation have a special concomitant joy, and isn’t that joy the ultimate?” words by Cloe Scheffe
Saba Niaki
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Created on
November 3, 2020