Mahkameh J. Shirazi

UI/UX Designer
Siemens Healthineers
Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany
Mahkameh's Story: "I consider myself a person who always embraces new challenges and opportunities for intellectual growth, constantly keen on learning new things and getting improved. After graduating in Communication Design, gaining practical insight and working for industrial firms, I had the chance to gradually extend my vision to a wider range of practical challenges. My enthusiasm in studying human-centered design and holistic thinking approaches encouraged me even further to pursue my post-graduate Master career in Integrated Design in Germany. During my studies at the Bauhaus School, I learnt to practically utilize various Service Design tools, Design Thinking processes and Design Research methods. I have always enjoyed working in this area because its allows me to think beyond visual aesthetic and physical form, which can empower designer to address social challenges. As an enthusiast, who considers the processes holistically and persistently believing in enhancements in different procedures while extending my vision to a wider range, I have mostly focused on developing and strengthening my multidisciplinary design skills in collaborations with international teams. It is always joyful for me to provide help to improve someone else's life."
Mahkameh J. Shirazi
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Created on
November 4, 2020