Kimia Mostaghimi

UI/UX Designer
The Wonderful Company
Los Angeles, California, USA

"I'm a Product Designer based in Los Angeles. I have built my career as a designer working in many industries, ranging from professional sports to media, retail, tech startup, and even government. I am fluent in Persian, English, Chinese-Mandarin and I can also speak Spanish and French. Yes!! I LOVE learning languages!! I believe that my tools to communicate across functional and cultural boundaries afford me a unique perspective as a designer to build empathy and solve problems in ways that many people can’t. I have sought out these multicultural, cross-industry experiences as opportunities to develop my personal design language.

It’s no accident that I am a UX/UI designer. Art, design- these are inextricably linked to a culture’s language. I was a language major in college, driven by the desire to explore our world and connect with people in an authentic way- nothing to be lost in translation. I’m grateful to have a career that thrives with my passions. I have a longing to understand the complex thought process of the human brain in their day to day interactions with others or things, and I believe this is derived from my problem-solving mentality whether in my personal life or on a digital screen. I know this requires an appreciation of scientific and psychological studies in some complicated cases in particular, so I nourish this understanding by reading, experiencing, failing and doing it all over again. But I also believe that if I listen, empathize and use my interpersonal skills I am able to turn my best interpretation into a functional designed experience for my users.

When it comes to interface design style, I’m all about minimalism with thoughtful surprises that makes the design engaging and edgy yet intuitive."

Kimia Mostaghimi
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Created on
November 3, 2020