Jila Eyvari

Web Developer/Designer
Campus Support
Vancouver, Canada
Jila Eyvari is a Web developer, UI/UX designer and Graphic designer who is a graduate of BCIT’s New Media Design and Web Development program. She is passionate about UI/UX and front end and back end web development. While working as a web developer and UI/UX designer, Jila has a long-term goal of expanding her knowledge and professional development skills while her short-term goals include finishing her current projects to the best of her ability. Jila specializes in bringing value to her clients with her positive attitude and good communication skills. She takes the time to learn the new trends in design and technology, and always likes to challenge herself and takes risks. To Jila, functionality is one of the most integral items to consider when developing websites. She believes creating an effective website, no matter how challenging, is the ultimate goal of rich and rewarding experience.
Jila Eyvari
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Created on
November 8, 2020