Amir Ansari

Design Lead
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
"As an individual, I believe it's my duty to do good and leave the earth better than I found it. I can't tolerate waste and shortsightedness (unless it's an eye condition!). And I'm passionate about connecting people - we can all benefit and learn something from each other. As a designer, I'm pragmatic - I won't get it right the first time but I believe in continually learning and improving. However, there is no excuse for a poor user experience (UX). Empathy with the end user is a must. As a design leader, I believe in empowering my teams to be better as individuals and as a collective. I ensure they have purpose in everything they do. I encourage them to constantly ask why yet I don't micromanage, and don't look over their shoulders. I don't have all the answers but I have confidence that a solution can always be found. I trust that my team can come to me for direction, inspiration, or just a second pair of eyes. I speak publicly, and have numerous mentoring and coaching engagements with up and coming designers. I have over 20 years of practice as a designer and design leader, and I continue practising them with humility and a friendly smile."
Amir Ansari
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Created on
November 3, 2020